Hurlburt & Remus Surveying, Inc., and our predecessors have been providing the Black River Falls, WI. area with professional land surveying services since 1953. We have been identifying property boundaries, creating subdivisions, preparing topographic maps and providing other surveying services for nearly 7 decades. As Professional Land Surveyors, we hold ourselves to high ethical and accuracy standards in all our work.

Whether you are a construction company in need of a reliable engineering survey, or you are a landowner who wants to divide your property or find your property boundaries, we have experienced surveyors on-hand and ready to help you. Keep in mind, quality surveying takes time, and certain times of the year, especially spring, can get very busy. So, plan ahead – call or hemail us today, whether you are ready to proceed with a survey or just have some questions.


Our company’s history goes back nearly 7 decades and our two professional surveyors, Norm Hurlburt and Ethan Remus, have more than 70 years of combined experience. In that time, we have accumulated many records in our office and have become very familiar with the public records in Jackson County and the surrounding area. We have also built strong working relationships with other land-related professionals and government officials. Experience has taught us that some jobs are just too big or outside of our expertise. If your job is one of those, we will be open and honest with you and try our best to refer you to someone with the proper qualifications.

All 50 states require land surveyors to be licensed. All licensees must meet education, experience and testing requirements. Being licensed means that we are state regulated and have met the requirements needed to practice our profession. Norm and Ethan, our principal land surveyors, are licensed, hold degrees in land surveying and regularly complete continuing education credits well beyond the minimum requirements.



Many surveys are similar, but no two are exactly the same. In addition to the type of survey required, the cost will be affected by the availability of past survey records, complexity of the described boundary, topography, accessibility and your specific requirements. Usually some research is necessary before we can provide a cost estimate, and sometimes, even with the best research, there are too many unknowns to allow for an accurate estimate, in which case we can only provide a wide price range. We always strive to provide quality services at a fair price.